Our Ocean, One Future

International Coast Cleanup in Mombasa

Kenya Wildlife Service organized a beach cleanup for International Coastal Cleanup Day promoting the importance of protecting the ocean and its wildlife.  We had a great time joining NGO’s, community groups and especially Mombasa’s school children to help clean Jomo Kenyatta Public Beach.  Over 500 participants came to clean the beach and learn about how trash can negatively impact the ocean and livelihoods of those living and working on the coast. We collected almost 1400 kilograms of trash!

This cleanup came on the heels of the third Our Ocean Conference, held September 15-16, in Washington, DC, where international leaders were urged to make commitments to protect the health of #OurOcean.

To date, the three Our Ocean conferences have generated commitments valued at over $9.2 billion to protect our ocean and committed to protect 9.9 million square kilometers (3.8 million square miles) of ocean – an area the size of the United States. The commitments focus on the key ocean issues of our time: marine protected areas, sustainable fisheries, marine pollution, and climate-related impacts on the ocean.

Ocean Issues

  • Create more marine protected areas – Create more effectively managed and enforced marine protected areas.
  • Support sustainable fisheries – Support sustainable management of fisheries, ensure global, effective implementation of the Port State Measures Agreement, and prevent illegally harvested fish from entering the stream of commerce.
  • Reduce marine pollution – Reduce marine debris, especially plastics in the marine environment, and promote the “circular” economy.
  • Improve climate related impacts on the ocean – Improve worldwide capability to monitor ocean acidification.

You can learn more about the 2016 Our Ocean Conference at www.ourocean2016.org.