Public Affairs Grant Opportunities

Please see below open Notices of Funding Opportunity (NOFOs) for which the U.S. Embassy Nairobi is currently accepting applications for Public Affairs grants from non-profit organizations, non-governmental organizations, civil society organizations, or community-based organizations.  You can view the full application on by clicking each item.  Please note the funding opportunities will only be open for a limited time.

  1. DOS-NBO-PAS-FY19-001        Building Interfaith Bridges
  2. DOS-NBO-PAS-FY19-002        Art for Social Change
  3. DOS-NBO-PAS-FY19-003        Alumni Engagement
  4. DOS-NBO-PAS-FY19-005        Strengthening Women’s Voices in Politics
  5. DOS-NBO-PAS-FY19-006        Building Resilient Communities by Defending Women’s Rights