Fact Sheets from the U.S.- Africa Leaders Summit

On August 4, the U.S. – Africa Leaders Summit focused on civil society and open government, global health, women’s issues and gender equality, food security and climate change, wildlife trafficking, and the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA).

On August 5, the activities continue, with the U.S. Department of Commerce and Bloomberg Philanthropies co-hosting the first-ever U.S.- Africa Business Summit and President Obama welcoming the leaders to the White House.

Below is a list of Fact Sheets to provide information and understanding on the various topics addressed at the Summit.

FACT SHEET: U.S. Support for Democratic Institutions, Good Governance, and Human Rights in Africa

FACT SHEET: Investing in African Trade for our Common Future

FACT SHEET: U.S. Engagement on Climate Change and Resilience in Africa

FACT SHEET: U.S.-African Cooperation on Food Security

FACT SHEET: Shared Investment in Youth

FACT SHEET: U.S.-African Cooperation in Advancing Gender Equality

FACT SHEET: U.S.–African Cooperation on Global Health

FACT SHEET: U.S. Support for Combating Wildlife Trafficking