Statement on Anti-Corruption Activities

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Statement by U.S. Ambassador Robert F. Godec in Response to Anti-Corruption Activities in Kenya


In response to questions on United States anti-corruption activities in Kenya, the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi wishes to provide information on Presidential Proclamation 7750 (PDF 114 KB – Get Adobe Reader) of January 12, 2004.  Under this Proclamation, the United States can deny visas to individuals engaged in or benefiting from corruption that has serious adverse effects on U.S. interests.  This can include current or former public officials and private citizens.  This is one tool the U.S. Government has available to sanction individuals known to engage in corruption.

Since 2004, under Presidential Proclamation 7750, the United States has denied visas to some Kenyan citizens for involvement in corruption.  Despite recent reports in some media outlets, the U.S. Embassy has not released the names of any of the Kenyans who may be subject to the Presidential Proclamation and cannot respond to speculation about any individual.  Under U.S. immigration law, information regarding individual visa applications and decisions is confidential and cannot be released.

The U.S. Government will continue to work closely with the Government of Kenya in the fight against corruption in line with the “Joint Commitment to Promote Good Governance and Anti-Corruption Efforts in Kenya” made by President Obama and President Kenyatta on July 25.  The United States will continue to use the full range of tools available to it, including Presidential Proclamation 7750 as appropriate, in the effort to help Kenya end this scourge.

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