Grandmothers Raising Grandchildren

Ambassador Godec presents the plaque to the grandmothers.

Grandmothers Raising Grandchildren Plaque Dedication


The Ambassador’s Special Self Help Fund (SSHF) provides small grants to registered self-help groups, youth groups, community based organizations, and specific types of educational institutions and medical facilities. The objective of SSHF is to assist groups in the development of projects that improve living conditions in communities.  In Kisumu, Grandmothers Raising Grandchildren is a well-run community organization composed of single older women raising approximately 200 children orphaned by HIV/AIDS. Begun by a former Peace Corps Volunteer, Grandmothers Raising Grandchildren received funding from SSHF in 2015 to expand a community farming operation.

Ambassador Godec visited Grandmothers Raising Grandchildren to present a plaque for the farming project, and he also gave the children soccer balls. Grandmothers Raising Grandchildren has effectively implemented the grant from 2015 to purchase farm implements, install an irrigation system, construct a fence and farm store, and improve farm yields to enhance the group’s food security. It has also been successful at generating income.  Income from the farm has already been used to pay for children’s school fees.  After touring the project and meeting the women of Grandmothers Raising Grandchildren, Ambassador Godec said, “This is a great example of the U.S.-Kenya “people-to-people” partnership.”