Joint Statement by Heads of Mission in Kenya on The Presidential Election

As Kenyans await the Supreme Court’s release of its full ruling on the presidential election, we urge leaders and citizens to refrain from rhetoric and actions that incite hatred and violence.   Now is the time to focus on preparing for the new poll, which, in line with the Court’s order and the Constitution, must be run by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission and be held by the end of October.

In recent months Kenya has witnessed an upsurge in troubling “fake news,” hate speech, and ethnic profiling.  In addition, there have been unfounded attacks on individuals and institutions, for instance on the judiciary and the IEBC.  While we support freedom of speech, baseless attacks and lies must stop, and leaders on all sides should work to ensure they do.  They risk undermining Kenya’s Constitution, the rule of law, and the nation’s peace and security.

In particular, we condemn the malicious “Judicial Capture” documents that have been publicly circulating.  They contain false statements that could endanger lives.  We urge the Kenyan authorities to hold to account those responsible for hate speech and incitement and to ensure the safety of those wrongly attacked, including members of our own Mission staffs.  We and our teams will continue to act with complete impartiality, in line with our shared commitment to Kenya’s Constitution and its institutions.

We will continue to work with the IEBC and with all Kenyans who seek to ensure the new presidential election is free, fair, and credible.  A successful poll will require goodwill and flexibility from leaders and citizens alike.  Politics must not be a matter of life or death.  We urge everyone to keep the peace and to respect the Constitution, its values, and the institutions it established.  As partners, we stand with Kenyans who seek to move the country forward and to strengthen the country’s democracy.


Robert F. Godec

Ambassador of the United States


Stefano A. Dejak

Ambassador of the European Union


Mette Knudsen

Ambassador of Denmark


Frans Makken

Ambassador of the Netherlands


Mauro Massoni

Ambassador of Italy


Sara Hradecky

High Commissioner for Canada


Fredrik Folkunger

Chargé d’Affaires a.i., Sweden


Vincent Willekens

Chargé d’Affaires a.i., Belgium

Nic Hailey

High Commissioner for the United Kingdom


Victor Conrad Rønneberg

Ambassador of Norway


Jutta Frasch

Ambassador of Germany


Tarja Fernández

Ambassador of Finland


Antoine Sivan

Ambassador of France


Ralf Heckner

Ambassador of Switzerland


Quinton Devlin

Chargé d’Affaires a.i., Australia


Sergiusz Wolski,

Chargé d’Affaires a.i., Poland