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PR12051921-Supply and Installation of AFN Dish in Mogadishu
September 21, 2023


Request For Quotation PR12051921 Supply and Installation of AFN Dish in Mogadishu


The Embassy of the United States of America, Mogadishu, invites you to submit a quotation for Supply and Installation of AFN Dish in Mogadishu.


The U.S. Government intends to award a Purchase order to a responsible company submitting an acceptable quotation at a reasonable price.  The RFQ does not commit the American Embassy to make any award. The Embassy may cancel this RFQ or any part of it.

Your proposal must be submitted in two separate email attachments addressed to: To the Contracting Officer, American Embassy, through kangirijw@state.gov on or before September 25th, 2023 at 4:00PM East African Time.


The subject heading should be as follows:


  1. RFQ. PR12051921 FINANCIAL PROPOSAL: This entails the price quotation indicating unit and total prices without VAT.
  2. RFQ. PR12051921 TECHNICAL PROPOSAL (Must not have your Letter Head or Company Stamp/Seal i.e. it should be on plain paper). Your quotation reference number is required on this which matches the price proposal number)

It is important to make sure the submission is made in specific size and format; in MS-Word 2007/2010 or MS-Excel 2007/2010 or Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file format. The file size must not exceed 30MB. If the file size should exceed the 30MB, the submission must be made in separate files and attached to separate emails with less than 30MB each.