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Request for Quotation: PR10091529: NEC HVAC AIR FILTERS – 7901
August 10, 2021

Opening date: August 10, 2021
Closing date:  August 31, 2021


  1. The frame must be rust free.
  2. The filter material must be free from sagging.
  3. Bids subject to evaluation through product catalogue (see attached excel).
  4. Do not include the VAT. The Embassy is VAT zero-rated.
  5. Award is based to Lowest Priced Technically Acceptable.
  6. US Embassy Nairobi payment terms are 30 days after delivery of product or service and submission of a proper invoice
  7. Kindly provide us with a quotation via email to NairobiGSO-bids@state.gov cc: HusseinKY@state.gov  Address all queries and request for clarifications on the same email address.
  8. Please read and sign the NDAA memo attached by confirming whether you provide or not or use the prohibited telecommunication equipment or service.