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Request for Quotation: PR9999778 – Power Back Up – 1500KV
July 21, 2021

Bids opening date: July 21st, 2021

Bids will close August 2nd 2021 2:00 pm East African Time.

Read and sign the NDAA memo attached, confirming whether you provide and or us, the prohibited telecommunication equipment or service, or otherwise.

US Embassy is VAT Zero-rated. Therefore Quote without VAT. See VAT Memo attached.

US Embassy Nairobi Payment terms are 30 days, Upon successful delivery of products or services and submission of proper payment documents.

Your proposal MUST be submitted in two forms; (1) Technical Proposal (without letterhead) and (2)Financial Proposal/Quotation (on a Letterhead) and addressed to;

The Contracting Officer, American Embassy Nairobi and submitted through; NairobiGSO-bids@state.gov, with a copy to NandieJJ@state.gov.