Other Services for U.S. Citizens in Kenya

What Consular Officers CANNOT do:

  • Embassy Consular Officers are not permitted to give advice on the filing of income tax returns, other than to refer taxpayers to the appropriate Internal Revenue Service (IRS) forms and information pamphlets, many of which we have available here.  Only IRS employees are authorized to provide guidance to individuals on tax matters.
  • Provide tourism or commercial services.
  • Perform the work of travel agencies, lawyers, information bureaus, banks or the police.
  • Help find jobs, driving permits, act as interpreters, search for missing luggage, or settle disputes with hotel and businesses.
  • Intercede with local authorities on behalf of Americans seeking visa exemptions and work permits.

If you are a U.S. Citizen with an emergency during business hours you can either call or e-mail:

–       +254-(0) 20 363 6451


                       –       kenya_acs@state.gov

Emergencies After-hours emergency contact: (011) (254)-(20)-363-6170