Passport Replacement – Emergency Passport

Renewing an Emergency Passport for Full Validity Passport

If you were issued an emergency, limited-validity passport because you had urgent need of travel, you should apply to replace this passport for a full-validity passport as soon as possible.

Please note:  Two consecutive emergency passports cannot be issued. Your next application must be for a full-validity passport.

Please review the following FOUR STEPS before beginning your application

Step 1Complete the Form DS-5504, Application for a U.S. Passport

Applicants are required to complete the Passport application form DS-5504: Parents should sign for children under age 16. Please ignore pages one and two of the printed instruction pages, as they do not apply when submitting your passport application in Kenya.  Follow the instructions on this page. Form DS-5504 must be printed on separate sheets of paper; do NOT print this form on front and back of the same sheet.

Step 2Supporting Documents

You are required to furnish your emergency passport: This passport will be cancelled and returned to you with your new passport.

Please note:  If the endorsement on the last page of your emergency passport states that your passport was issued under 22 CFR 51.41, you must also submit proof of citizenship in the form of one of the following:

  • a U.S. birth certificate;
  • a U.S. naturalization certificate;
  • a U.S. certificate of citizenship;
  • a U.S. consular report of birth abroad ; or
  • an expired passport.

If the endorsement on the last age of your emergency passport states that your passport was issued under 22 CFR 51.28, you must also submit proof of identity in the form of one of the following:

  • a valid passport of any country;
  • a valid driver’s license with photograph;
  • a national identity card with photograph;
  • a valid U.S. or state government ID card;
  • a U.S. military ID card.

Step 5 – Passport Photograph

Applicants must provide one passport photograph: We will reject any photographs that do not meet the specified requirements. Vending machine photographs and photographs printed on a home computer are unacceptable.

Step 4 – Fees

There is no fee for this service if the passport was issued less than one year ago and does not have an endorsement code in the back stating “Ä full validity passport must be approved by the Department of State”.

Step 5 – Submitting the Application

You are required to submit the application for the passport in person through a pre-arranged appointment.   On scheduling an appointment, you will receive a Confirmation Sheet.  Please print this page and bring it with you to the interview.  To submit the application, request an appointment at the Department of State Website.