U.S. Embassy Nairobi Cultural Affairs Office Launches “Step Up: Empowering Girls through Sports”

U.S. Embassy Nairobi Cultural Affairs Officer Raymond Stephens launched Step Up: Empowering Girls through Sports at Mathare Youth Association Headquarters on April 22.  Step Up is a Global Sports Mentoring Project for girls aged 13 – 18 years.  40 girls from 16 different slum areas of Nairobi attended the launch which included exercises and a football tournament.Step Up is a two week project in which the girls will participate in daily sports events and classroom discussions about the importance of education, personal hygiene and maintaining self-esteem.  The project was founded by Grace Kiraguri, an alumnus of the 2012 Women’s Global Sports Mentoring Program, which is a joint collaboration between the U.S. Department of State and ESPN.  Ms. Kiraguri spoke at the energetic launch about the value of girls in sports and how empowering sports can be.