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United States and Nakuru County Sign Memorandum of Understanding
February 5, 2020

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Mission Director Mark Meassick and Nakuru County Governor H.E. Hon. Lee Kinyanjui smile holding memo of understanding
An MOU aimed at improving the lives of the people of Nakuru County, was signed by Mission Director Mark Meassick and Nakuru County Governor H.E. Hon. Lee Kinyanjui on February 5, 2020.

NAKURU, Kenya, February 5, 2020 – The U.S. Government, through USAID, and the County of Nakuru signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that signifies a joint commitment to Kenyan-led development in Nakuru County. The MOU reflects their shared vision for ugatuzi or devolution in the county that meets the needs of its residents.

 To support Nakuru County in its devolution goal to increase private sector growth, Nakuru has been selected as a focus county under the U.S. Government’s Prosper Africa initiative to increase two-way trade and investment between the United States and Kenya at the county level.

 “We are happy to collaborate with USAID in trade, investment, devolution, and working with civil society to enhance good governance. The engagement framework being signed today anchors on the Prosper County initiative,” stated Nakuru County Government – H.E. Hon. Lee Kinyanjui, Governor, Nakuru County.    

 The MOU signed today provides a framework to guide the new way that USAID and Nakuru County will do business together, including: aligning activities, plans and budgets; designing new programs and priorities together; jointly monitoring and evaluating programs; and working together to counter corruption and protect beneficiaries. USAID’s past investments in the county have included programs in the areas of health and education.

 “The United States Government is shifting the way we work. We want our programs to be co-created, co-implemented, and co-measured to address problems and solve them at the county level,” explained USAID Mission Director Mark Meassick.

 USAID’s new policy is to end the need for foreign assistance by transforming the relationships between the public, civil society, and private sectors to generate opportunities for all Kenyans. Together, Americans and Kenyans will accelerate the county’s journey to self-reliance.

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U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Kenya and East Africa