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United States Announces 2021 Diversity Visa Program
October 9, 2019

United States Announces 2021 Diversity Visa Program

DV2021 Program Instructions

Nairobi, Kenya, October 8, 2019 The United States Government has announced the requirements for the 2021 Diversity Visa (DV) Program. The submission period for DV-2021 is open now and closes on November 5, 2019.  Entries received after 12:00PM EST (GMT -5) on November 5, 2019, will not be accepted.  All DV-2021 lottery entries must be submitted electronically at www.dvlottery.state.gov.

 The Diversity Immigrant Visa Program makes available a limited number of diversity visas (DVs) each year to persons who meet strict eligibility requirements from countries with low rates of immigration to the United States. Applicants should read instructions carefully as application procedures and eligibility requirements have changed.  It is now a requirement for principal entrants to have a valid passport at time of entry. In addition, entrants who do not submit required passport information will be disqualified.  Entrants may also be disqualified for not completing the form correctly, by submitting more than one entry, or by not meeting other program requirements.

No fee is charged to enter the DV program. The U.S. Government employs no outside consultants or private services to operate the DV program. Any intermediaries who offer assistance to prepare DV applications for applicants do so without the authority or consent of the U.S. Government. Use of any outside intermediary or assistance to prepare a DV entry is entirely at the applicant’s discretion.

A qualified entry submitted electronically directly by an applicant has the same chance of being selected by the automated process as an entry submitted electronically by a paid intermediary who completes the entry for the applicant.  Every entry received during the lottery registration period will have an equal random chance of being selected in its region.

To find out more about the program go to www.travel.state.gov and click on “Diversity Visa Instructions.”  Applicants should not call or write to the U.S. Embassy about the Diversity Visa application process.

 For press inquiries only contact:

U.S. Embassy Nairobi, Public Affairs Section