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United States Donates COVID Test Kits for 20,000 Tests and PPE for Front Line Health Care Workers
December 2, 2020

United States Donates COVID Test Kits for 20,000 Tests and PPE for Front Line Health Care Workers

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Nairobi, Kenya, December 2, 2020Today the United States government donated to Kenya 210 Abbott RealTime SARS CoV-2 (EUA) test kits able to provide testing for approximately 20,000 people. With the test kits, the United States also donated 2,000 N95 masks, 43,200 nitrile gloves, 1,080 pairs of shoe covers, and 3,600 disposable gowns for front line health care workers. Funded by the U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency, these donations are the latest examples of U.S. support to Kenya to combat COVID-19 and support Kenya’s health care infrastructure.     

U.S. Embassy Nairobi and the Ministry of Health will coordinate distribution to laboratories with the most urgent testing needs across the country.  Testing people who may have been infected with COVID-19 is essential to stopping the spread of the virus by those who are unknowingly infected.  

 The U.S. Ambassador to Kenya, Kyle McCarter, on the COVID-19 test kit donations to the Ministry of Health said, “U.S. supported laboratories have performed over half of the COVID-19 tests in Kenya and we are proud to add to that support with an additional 210 test kits to be used where the need is greatest. Ambassador McCarter continued Along with Ksh 7.9 million in PPE to five hospitals and over 3 million USA Marafiki facemasks now being distributed, the United States will continue to support Kenya’s fight against COVID-19 and get the critical equipment directly to those in need.”  

 The United States donates more than any other country to help Kenya’s health needs with Ksh 60 billion every year.  Just for coronavirus, the United States has provided over Ksh 7 billion in equipment, testing, training, and research as well as supporting health, water and sanitation, education, employment and food security needs to help Kenya recover from the economic and other impacts of the virus. U.S. donations are tracked and inventoried closely to ensure they are used for those most in need.