USAID Supports Women Leadership Campaign in Kenya

USAID Mission Director Karen Freeman joined local NGOs, public and private media houses and personalities in Kenya to launch Women in the Red, a media campaign designed to raise the profile of Kenyan women as leaders. The campaign just aired the first season of a 10-episode documentary film series on the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC).

“The promise of women playing a critical and representative role in Kenyan politics has not yet been realized,” said USAID Mission Director, Karen Freeman.

Kenya’s Constitution provides a powerful framework for addressing gender equality. The two-thirds gender rule requires that no more than two-thirds of elected or appointed public bodies consist of one gender. In 2013, a record 87 women were chosen for Parliament and six women were named to the President’s 18-member Cabinet. Despite this progress, women are still vastly underrepresented in decision-making roles.

Women in the Red is part of a larger Women and Girls Lead Global campaign that uses social media and documentaries to promote gender equality.

“Women and Girls Lead Global combines the power of documentary film, national television broadcasts, local and new media, and community activities to impact audiences and support existing NGO efforts to empower women and girls,” said Ms. Freeman.

The campaign complements USAID’s efforts to increase women’s participation and representation in all spheres of society.